Our teams are working hard to ensure that our unhoused neighbors have access to the COVID-19 vaccine by taking the vaccine to them. The People Concern, in partnership with DHS, held several vaccination events for people experiencing homelessness at locations where there is a high concentration of unsheltered people across L.A. County. The People Concern recently held several vaccination events at SAMOSHEL one of The People Concern’s interim housing facilities in Santa Monica, CA as well as a mobile vaccination event at Palisades Park and Tungva Park in Santa Monica.

Our Outreach teams work closely with people experiencing homelessness to inform them about vaccination events and ensure that they have access and transportation to the events. “We really want to try and protect our unhoused neighbors from getting the Coronavirus and getting sick. This population is much less likely if at all, to have the resources to schedule an appointment or make it on their own. Now we have the resources to have folks participate in vaccination efforts that are truly a life-saving intervention. It’s a hopeful time,” says Elisabeth McConnell, The People Concern’s program manager for its Homeless Multidisciplinary Street Team.