On Wednesday, April 8, 2021, The People Concern hosted an informative discussion on the intersection of homelessness and health. Community leaders from Anthem, Inc., Los Angeles Christian Health Centers, and Cedars-Sinai addressed the challenges people experiencing homelessness face in accessing medical care and how innovative partnerships and programs are key in abating the crisis.

To learn more about our panelists and moderator, click HERE. If you weren’t able to join the event, you can access the recording HERE.

During the panel we answered the following questions:
1. Please discuss how your line of work & organization interfaces with people experiencing homelessness? What is the connection between health & homelessness?
2. What are some common gaps in the system that exacerbate the homelessness and health crisis in LA from your perspective?
3. How can different healthcare entities (insurance, hospitals, clinics, etc.) collaborate together to create systems change? What is the effect of connecting individuals experiencing homelessness to social service agencies?
4. How do we increase the experience/education of those hospital and clinic staff who are providing healthcare to special populations, but who may not have the training/skills to work with all the complex needs associated with homelessness?
5. If you could wave a magic wand, what other solutions/tools would you want in your toolbox?

If you weren’t able to join the event, you can access the recording HERE

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