LOS ANGELES, JUNE 28, 2024 – In light of the latest LAHSA Point in Time (PIT) Homeless Count report, The People Concern remains steadfast in its mission to resolve homelessness. As a leading nonprofit housing and social service organization, we continue our dedicated efforts to house individuals with the highest needs. With supportive services, 92% of those we place in housing never experience homelessness again.

“The numbers released today by LAHSA indicate progress but also underscore that the homelessness crisis remains a significant humanitarian issue in Los Angeles County. Despite our progress, more people fall into homelessness every day. There is an urgent need to build more housing and implement effective prevention strategies,” says John Maceri, CEO of The People Concern.

This year, it is estimated that both LA County and the City of Los Angeles saw slight declines in people experiencing homelessness. The number of people in shelters rose, and unsheltered homelessness declined. Additionally, permanent housing placements hit an all-time high, with a record breaking 27,951 new placements into permanent housing. Through our collective efforts, we see more people moving from streets to interim housing, and from interim housing to permanent housing at a faster rate.

“We are encouraged by the decline in numbers and optimistic about our ongoing progress,” says Maceri. “We know what works to end homelessness: housing coupled with supportive services. The latest Homeless Count results reinforce the need for continued collaboration among service providers, government leaders, and the private sector to increase access to affordable and permanent supportive housing.”

The People Concern emphasizes the effectiveness of the Housing First approach, prioritizing housing as the primary solution for homelessness. By combining housing with supportive services, we work with individuals to regain stability and rebuild their lives. Last fiscal year, we helped 1,691 individuals end their homelessness through permanent housing.

To meet the growing demand for housing, The People Concern collaborates with local governments and service providers on innovative solutions like Master Leasing, which partners with property owners to secure housing units. We also provide comprehensive wraparound services, including stronger connections to health care and specialty mental health services.

“Access to safe and stable housing is a fundamental human right,” says Maceri. “Through collaborative efforts and innovative strategies, we strive to create a community where homelessness becomes a thing of the past. Together, we can build a brighter future for all.”

The People Concern remains committed to advocating for expanded housing solutions, fostering partnerships, and working together to ensure a Los Angeles where everyone is housed, healthy, and safe.