The People Concern CEO John Maceri and LAHSA Executive Director Heidi Marston joined the Pacific Palisades Taskforce on Homelessness (PPTFH) Community Meeting to discuss the results of the 2020 Point in Time Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count, the overrepresentation of Black people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, what is being done to end homelessness in the Pacific Palisades community and short-term and long-term priorities moving forward as we tackle the deepening crisis.

PPTFH was formed in October 2014 as an independent, unincorporated group of community volunteers committed to compassionately addressing the serious issues associated with homelessness in the Palisades. PPTFH’s mission is to provide leadership and resources to manage and eliminate the destructive consequences of Palisades’ homelessness so that the community is protected, remains safe, and its homeless neighbors receive compassionate, effective services with access to permanent housing.

The People Concern is contracted by PPTFH to provide multidisciplinary outreach services for our neighbors experiencing homelessness in the Palisades community. The People Concern’s Palisades Outreach Team builds trusting relationships with our unhoused neighbors, with the goal of linking them to housing and comprehensive services.

Individuals are linked to a range of integrated services to increase and maintain their health and wellbeing including permanent housing, interim housing, mental health care, medical care, substance use services, wellness/life skills programs and income assistance.

View the entire PPTFH presentation here.