Substance Abuse Services

Mental health and physical health challenges, plus living life on the streets, can cause a person to self-medicate. Many of The People Concern’s program participants live with some form of substance abuse. The People Concern does not exclude individuals with substance abuse problems from receiving services. To do so would mean that many program participants would never get housed. The People Concern makes every effort to work with individuals regardless of where they are in their recovery process, taking a Harm Reduction approach to long-term wellness.

The principle of Harm Reduction is to meet an individual “where they’re at,” taking a holistic approach in working to minimize the harmful effects of substance abuse rather than ignore or pass judgement.

The Corporation for Supportive Housing describes Harm Reduction as “the only effective means of providing housing for many who have been homeless for the long-term”. It’s a way that The People Concern program participants can begin to obtain housing while still working on their recovery. Reviews of Harm Reduction show it to be a highly effective approach for individuals who suffer from mental illness.

The Wellness Program provides a series of groups and workshops designed to help program participants develop a range of life skills. Topics include: managing one’s health; anger management and communication; emotion and stress management; drug and alcohol education; women’s issues and men’s issues.

Clinical and non-clinical staff members have training in working with program participants with substance abuse problems. Substance use and abuse issues are addressed in both case management and therapy meetings.