Our Clients

Client wellbeing is Sojourn’s number one priority. We implement an empowerment-model of care and a harm-reduction approach to ensure our clients receive comprehensive and trauma-informed services.

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Toddler early learning program

Our impact during 2022 alone…

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Over 400

Clients Served

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Over 1000

Hotline Calls Received

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Over 200

Support Groups Provided

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In The Community

In addition to direct client services, Sojourn also provides services in and for the community! Our efforts include prevention, advocacy, and collaborative projects.


Education and advocacy are critical to the prevention of further relationship abuse and community violence as a whole. By facilitating trainings for elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as for universities, fellow service providers, nonprofit organizations, law enforcement agencies, and companies, Sojourn endeavors to offer prevention education for all ages, professions, and areas of life.

See what some of our trainees have to say…

“I loved the activity where we could agree, disagree, or say we were unsure about whether it was a healthy relationship!”

John Adams Middle School student

“Thank you for providing more information on DV in LGBTQIA+ relationships, it’s rarely discussed despite how crucial it is.”

Venice Family Clinic LCSW Intern

“This was such a comprehensive training on DV dynamics! Thank you for providing me with the education to better serve my own clients!”

LMU Art Therapy graduate student

Counsel among friends


In addition to prevention work, Sojourn’s Outreach and Education department also facilitates several projects in Los Angeles County because we believe it is essential to not only address violence on an individual level, but also on the interpersonal, community, and societal level.

These initiatives include: