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Our Mission

The People Concern believes no one should have to live on the street or in a violent household. Our staff, volunteers and those we serve work together to address the effects of homelessness, poverty, mental and physical illness, abuse and addiction. Our programs empower the most vulnerable among us to improve their quality of life – housed, healthy and safe – and become active participants in the community. We also work to educate the broader community and improve public policy.

Together, We Are Changing Lives

Last Year:


individuals experiencing homelessness were engaged by outreach teams who connected them to services, referrals and housing resources.


formerly homeless individuals received ongoing services in permanent supportive housing.


adults and children escaping unsafe homes were served through Sojourn domestic violence services.

Happening at The People Concern

Take a Virtual Tour of Kensington Campus

We are excited to announce that Kensington Campus is fully operating! The 14-acre therapeutic community in Lancaster, CA offers both interim and permanent supportive housing, along with complete wraparound services including...

Inspiration Corner

Paul is welcomed into Project Homekey!

“Being in a Project Homekey hotel has been great. It’s a lot different than being on the streets. Here, I have privacy and feel comfortable. On the streets, there is constant traffic and always someone looking at you - there’s never a chance to be yourself. I don’t feel that way anymore. Now I don’t have to look over my shoulder or worry about my things getting stolen. Now I have a place to rest, get something to eat and shower -I hadn’t had a warm...

“The People Concern helps people like me”

“The People Concern is actually doing something to help people. People like me, just want to feel like people care about us. That’s ultimately what’s important – a person feeling like they are cared about. The People Concern is great for people who find themselves in a situation where they are no longer in a home. Here they are assisted by having a place to lay their head, a shower...

Chanel shares what inspires everyday!

“Our teams provide an authentic, intentional and trauma-informed approach to non-traditional clinical work that focuses on the individual's identity. There is something so meaningful about working with folks who are in their most vulnerable state and helping them feel seen and heard. The work we do empowers people who feel voiceless to gain their confidence back, become advocates for themselves and rebuild their lives,” says Chanel Taylor, LCSW, Director, Intern...

Giovanne shares his excitement as he works to open a new PHK site

Giovanne Schachere, Director of Interim Housing, The Best Inn and Super 8, for The People Concern, shares why Project Homekey and creating more housing for our most vulnerable neighbors is vital to the community.

Maureen shares what inspires her to do this work.

Maureen Rivas, Program Manager, Santa Monica C3 Outreach for The People Concern shares a heartwarming story of an experience she had with a program participant that changed her life.

Outreach staff nominated for 2020 Citizen of the Year Award!

The Malibu Dolphin Charitable Foundation announced the honorees for their 2020 Citizen of the Year Award. The People Concern is proud to have two outstanding staff members nominated this year, Scott Edens and Tiffany Stewart! The ceremony recognizes candidates for their hard work and commitment to serving the Malibu community. Scott and Tifanny work tirelessly in the Malibu community connecting our most vulnerable neighbors to services and housing. Congratulation Scott...

“This is a place for you”

"This is a place where our Program Participants can feel safe and welcome. They don’t have to give something to be here, them being here is more than enough. Everyone is welcoming and excited that they are here using our services. This is a place of containment, this is a place where they don’t have to feel like their in danger. I’ve noticed that trickle-down with a lot of my...

Success begins with meeting people where they are at!

“Some people are ready for services from day one​, which is always nice, but for ​those who aren't, all I can do is be there for them and be present. Thankfully​, The People Concern follows the harm reduction model, not an abstinence-based model, so, I am able to meet program participants where they are at in their journey. I provide support whenever they are ready to engage. We had one ​program participant who initially wasn't ready to address their substance use. After consistently engaging them - starting small...

Matthew & Nito Padilla

Matthew and Nito Padilla, moved into a hotel room as part of California's Project Roomkey. For Matthew, a 34-year-old with a pacemaker and asthma, this initiative could be life-saving. “At the shelter I was constantly getting up, checking on him,” said Nito Padilla. “And here I know he’s safe. I know he’s OK.”