Outreach Teams

The People Concern’s outreach teams throughout LA County provide people with linkages to resources and services that can help bring them inside for good. Here’re a few examples of our teams and the important work they do every day to help more of our neighbors be housed, healthy and safe.

Pacific Palisades & Malibu

The Pacific Palisades Outreach Team and Malibu Outreach Team are both location-specific 2-person outreach teams that perform outreach and engagement services to homeless individuals in their respective areas.Each of these teams’ implementations is part of a larger effort to reach all of the Westside. The Pacific Palisades Outreach Team works with the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness to provide the homeless individuals found there with engagement, food, and housing at one of our interim housing programs, when available. The Malibu Team works with the Malibu Task Force on Homelessness to help provide the same services to individuals in Malibu city limits.


The Homeless Multidisciplinary Street Team is a mobile outreach team dedicated to working with the highest utilizers of Emergency Services in the homeless population of Santa Monica. A multidisciplinary team of clinical and non-clinical staff, they work intensively with each client, providing psychotherapy, medical services, psychiatry, substance abuse counseling, and case management. Court advocacy services, housing coordination, transportation to and from appointments, and more are provided upon need.


C3 Outreach Teams (City, County, and Community) serve homeless individuals living on the streets of Skid Row. Employing a disaster relief approach to homeless, the teams are responsible for outreach to 4 distinct service quadrants in Skid Row – working to systematically engage vulnerable individuals living on the streets; provide immediate access to resources such as interim housing, urgent care, primary care, mental health services and substance use disorder treatment; and help regain health and housing stability.


In line with the holistic approach of The People Concern, the E6 teams are multidisciplinary street outreach teams focused on addressing the most vulnerable homelessness living on the streets. The teams consist of a mental health clinician, a case manager, a substance abuse case manager, peer (someone with formerly lived homelessness experience to advocate for the client), and a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant in order to provide appropriate mental health, substance abuse, and medical interventions. The teams conduct outreach in SPA 4 communities of Los Angeles County (Hollywood, DTLA, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Westlake and mid-city), offering resources and services designed to move individuals from the streets to permanent housing.