A Mother’s Path To Permanent Housing

Your support helps Elizabeth move towards home & family.

In an office buzzing with activity, Elizabeth is a source of calm and quiet.
That is until she starts talking about her 16-year-old son. Her speech picks up and she brandishes a smile that forces everyone else in the office to follow suit.
It was Elizabeth's desire to reunite with her son that led her to seek services at The People Concern after becoming homeless last year. And it's that love that continues to propel her toward her goal of securing permanent housing.
As her life's circumstances became more than she could bear, Elizabeth first sought help from a local church before eventually seeking services at The People Concern.
Initially, Access Center staff assisted her with mail retrieval and meals. After learning the scope of support available to her, she began working with Case Manager, Lisa Brehove. Elizabeth also began seeing a clinical therapist for mental health care. She later accepted an interim housing placement at SAMOSHEL, and is now actively working with staff to chart a path toward permanent housing. 
Currently, Elizabeth maintains weekend custody of her son, which limits the time they're able to spend together. She is eagerly working to move into permanent housing so she'll be able to increase the frequency of those visits.
"I miss him a lot," she said. "It's hard because I don't get to see him very much. If I had a home, he could come and visit."
Elizabeth views her relationship with the agency as an essential component of her path to stability.
"Thank God for the agency and all the people," she said. "They're really welcoming and if you really need help, they will help."