Mental Health Care

Acknowledging the link between homelessness and mental illness, The People Concern integrates mental health care with all its services and programs. There are mental health clinicians based at each location and program of The People Concern. In the field, the Resnick Home Team Program provides in-home care for those who have been housed, while several mobile outreach teams provide care for unsheltered individuals with the highest levels of vulnerability.

Many program participants have some form of severe and chronic mental illness. Often, this mental illness led to their homelessness —perhaps their first psychotic or manic episode occurred at a time in their lives when they did not have financial resources or other supports.

The People Concern’s Wellness Center, a Medi-Cal certified outpatient mental health center in Skid Row, offers medication management, health services, case management, psychiatry, counseling, and support groups for current and formerly homeless community members. All Skid Row community members are welcome to participate in Wellness Center activities, offering a welcoming engagement touch point for individuals looking to begin a relationship with The People Concern.


The People Concern is a training site for masters-level interns who provide valuable mental health services while they are getting training and supervised clinical experience.

The People Concern’s mental health staff provides ongoing clinical training for non-clinical staff as well. This training and consultation ensures that The People Concern’s services stay clinically informed and therapeutically beneficial.

If you are a student interested in obtaining clinical hours, please contact the leadership of your school’s practicum or field program, as well as Angie Loch (Director of Clinical Administration & Training) at