Originally from Mexico, Vicente came to America to give his family a better life. While working and living in the U.S, Vicente began experiencing mental health issues and fell into a deep depression. “Me sentí como una carga para mi familia. Intenté conseguir ayuda psicológica para escapar del agujero en el que estaba, pero fue muy difícil para mí. Mi ansiedad y depresión fueron demasiado para mí (I felt like a burden to my family. I tried to get psychological help to escape the hole I was in but it was very difficult for me. My anxiety and depression were too much for me),” says Vicente. Despite having a social network, Vicente’s mental health made him feel isolated and a detriment to his family. He decided to leave and quickly fell into homelessness. Vicente experienced homelessness for over a year before he was referred to The People Concern. “Mientras vivía en la calle, sentí que mi vida siempre estaba en peligro, pensé que algo me podía pasar. Quería encontrar ayuda para intentar mejorarme y encontrar un hogar, pero debido a que soy indocumentado, se cerraron varias puertas y mis opciones eran limitadas (While living on the streets, I felt my life was always in danger, I thought something could happen to me. I wanted to find help to try and better myself and find a home but because I am undocumented, several doors were closed and my options were limited),” says Vicente.

While the Latine community is at a higher risk of falling into homelessness, they are less likely to access public services and seek help to get off the streets. Undocumented individuals are even more vulnerable as many fear seeking assistance could lead to deportation. At The People Concern, we are proud to affirm the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion. We proudly serve our most vulnerable neighbors regardless of documentation status. Once Vicente was connected to The People Concern he was referred to The Alexandria, one of our project-based housing facilities. He then began working with Mirna, a Clinical Case Manager, to address his mental health needs. Vicente found comfort working with Mirna, knowing she spoke his native language, Spanish.

“Gracias a programas como este, pude encontrar una vivienda más permanente donde tengo privacidad. Estoy recibiendo el apoyo que necesito para ir a terapia y pagar una vivienda. Ha sido maravilloso, siento que estoy más cerca de mis objetivos ahora más que nunca y ahora puedo buscar un empleo de tiempo completo. Quiero alcanzar mis objetivos y sé que aquí es possible (Thanks to programs like this, I was able to find a more permanent living situation where I have privacy. I’m getting the support I need to go to therapy and afford housing. It’s been wonderful, I feel like I’m closer to my goals now more than ever and can now look for full-time employment. I want to reach my goals and I know it’s possible here),” says Vicente. Vicente’s determination, the help of his team and resources provided by The People Concern, Vicente is now housed, health and safe! He continues to work on his mental health, is looking forward to find full-time employment and reunifying with his family.