Mike is a Los Angeles native, born and raised in Boyle Heights. After his mother’s death, his family faced a series of financial hardships. Struggling to find employment and navigate the new family dynamics, Mike felt hopeless.

“I became homeless due to economic reasons. I had nowhere else to go. It was a traumatic thing.” Mike struggled to survive on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles for 5 years. “One day, I was at Grand Park when a woman from The People Concern approached me. The People Concern sounded different and unique, so right there in the park, we began working together.”

After working diligently with The People Concern team, Mike received great news. “I can’t believe it worked out so well. I knew The People Concern was going to help me find housing but I had no idea it would be this amazing building that I live in now. When they brought me here, my jaw dropped. I just couldn’t believe it. I made it in! When property management let me see my apartment for the first time, I almost fainted. I couldn’t believe I was in a new building like this. I feel that I have been blessed by the work of The People Concern and the entitles that are working together to help people get hosing in L.A.”

Today, Mike enjoys the security of having his own home. He is working toward finding meaningful employment and volunteers with the building’s resident services team. He enjoys building his collection of books and watching his favorite 80’s music videos.

We are thrilled to share Mike’s inspirational journey and celebrate the hard work of our outreach teams!