Following a difficult breakup, Alexandar’s financial stability eroded and his mental health rapidly declined. “That was the beginning, which led to one bad decision after another until I became homeless,” says Alexandar. Surviving on the streets in the midst of the pandemic was challenging and Alexander turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with life. “One day, I was walking to the liquor store and I saw my reflection in a window. I didn’t see me anymore. I couldn’t take not being myself anymore,” recalls Alexandar. 

Soon after, Alexandar met The People Concern’s E6 Outreach team; in partnership with CD 10, The People Concern was piloting the Encampment to Home initiative, linking neighbors like Alexandar with housing resources as quickly as possible. “When I met Alexandar, he told me that he was tired of living life this way and that he was ready to enroll in treatment,” recalls Jose Torres, a Substance Abuse Case Manager for The People Concern. 

While Alexandar was in a substance abuse treatment program, he and Jose continued to work to find permanent housing, ensuring that once Alexandar was discharged, he would never have to return to the streets again. “Jose helped me get back on my feet. With the help of The People Concern, I was able to get my life back. I’m blessed to have been a part of this program. Every day I see myself moving forward and have new goals to reach for. I see myself rising up to where I was before all of this happened,” says Alexandar. Today, Alexandar remains committed to maintaining his sobriety, is working part-time and is housed, healthy and safe in his very own apartment!