Albert has been on his own since the young age of 14, “I learned the hard way how to take care of myself,” recalls Albert. With no family support, Albert has struggled with homelessness on and off for the past 30 years. After suffering an injury, he could no longer work and is forced to rely on disability as his main source of income. “My low income keeps me homeless. I can’t work because of my disability, so I can’t afford rent. I can only do so much with what I have – I feel so powerless,” says Albert.  

Albert was sleeping on the sidewalk in Downtown L.A. during the Coronavirus pandemic when he first met Charlie Gomez, a Case Manager on The People Concern’s E6 Outreach Team. Charlie began working with Albert right away. Charlie connected Albert to the proper medical care and was able to refer him to El Puente, one of The People Concern’s interim housing facilities located in Downtown L.A. “It’s great here. The staff helps connect me to all of the services I need,” says Albert. Today Albert and his team are working towards permeant housing! “It can happen any day now, I can’t wait! There’s nothing like having your own place.”