The People Concern is proud to have partnered with the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica to make voting more accessible for everyone, regardless of their housing status. We are thrilled to have hosted a flex voting center at our drop-in facility, the Access Center, in Santa Monica on March 1st.

The new voting system eliminates several barriers faced by Mario and other people experiencing homelessness such as not having a physical ID, not being able to provide a permanent address, not being registered, and not knowing where to go to cast their vote.

In preparation for the flex voting center, the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica held a voter education group at the Access Center to educate program participants on how to cast their votes, answered questions, discussed what will be on the ballot, and registered voters. They also conducted outreach at the Santa Monica Public Library and other services centers to inform the community of this new service being offered.

Thanks to your support our neighbors experiencing homelessness, like Mario, are empowered to use their voice and be active participants in their community.

Watch the video CNN captured here.