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The People Concern’s CEO John Maceri Responds to the Murder of Jordan Neely 

The recent homicide of Jordan Neely in the New York subway system by a fellow passenger was a tragedy that underscores the urgent need to shift public perception of people experiencing homelessness. We must fight the stigma around mental illness that both leads to discrimination and prevents people experiencing mental health challenges from seeking treatment. Homelessness is a traumatic experience that requires compassion, not aggression. At The People Concern, we will continue to advocate for progressive changes that address the intersectionality between mental health and homelessness. To prevent such tragedies from happening again, we need to be proactive and prioritize permanent housing paired with supportive services providing comprehensive mental health care, including counseling, medication, and other social services. It is imperative that our cities invest in the development of resources necessary to provide access to stable, safe, and supportive housing for those experiencing homelessness. 

In Los Angeles, will continue to provide educational resources to the public and aid our unhoused neighbors through a holistic approach that promotes empathy, support, and understanding. 

We stand with Mr. Neely’s loved ones and extend our most sincere condolences during this time. 


About The People Concern: The People Concern believes everyone deserves to be housed, healthy and safe.  One of Los Angeles County’s largest housing and social service agencies, The People Concern is working to end homelessness through its proven approach that focuses on housing first with wraparound services. The People Concern provides a fully integrated system of care – including outreach, housing services, mental and medical health care, substance use services, life skills, and wellness programs – tailored to the unique needs of people experiencing homelessness and victims of domestic violence. Our programs empower the most vulnerable among us to improve their quality of life and become active participants in the community. Ninety-four percent of people supported by The People Concern in permanent housing never experience homelessness again!   For more information, visit