We are dedicated to creating a community where everyone,
regardless of the struggles they are overcoming,
is housed, healthy and safe.

Homeless Services

The People Concern strives to end homelessness and domestic violence by providing care and support for those experiencing it, through housing and integrated services tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Our staff, volunteers, and those we serve all work together to address the effects of homelessness, poverty, mental and physical illness, abuse and addiction.

What We Do

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The People Concern Outreach

Outreach & Engagement

Outreach teams across Los Angeles County bring services to the streets and develop trusting relationships with those living without a home.

The People Concern Housing Services

Permanent Supportive Housing

Operating under a “Housing First” model, our staff work with program participants to locate best-fit housing options as quickly as possible.

The People Concern Mental Health Care

Mental Health Care

On-site and field-based mental health clinicians provide psychiatric care and other services to individuals struggling with severe or chronic mental illness.

The People Concern Domestic Violence Services

Domestic Violence Services

Services including shelters, support groups, and a 24-hour hotline are provided through Sojourn, our program tailored to adult and child victims of domestic violence.

Interim Housing

Interim Housing

On-site integrated services and case management help program participants stabilize their health, gain critical life skills and work toward finding the best-fit permanent housing solution.

The People Concern Medical Services

Medical Care

With access to on-site, mobile, or in-home medical care, program participants are able to maintain and improve their physical health, while relieving stress on public services.

The People Concern Income Assistance

Income Assistance

Money management services help program participants earn income and manage their finances through government benefit navigation, budgeting assistance and financial counseling.

The People Concern Substance Use Services

Substance Use Services

Through a “Harm Reduction” approach to long-term wellness, staff work with all program participants, regardless of where they are in their recovery process.

The People Concern Life Skills & Wellness

Life Skills & Wellness

Program participants improve their quality of life through workshops and programs that focus on holistic development, skill-building, artistic expression and healthy living.

93% of program participants supported in permanent housing by The People Concern never experience homelessness again!

Where We Work

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Administrative Offices
Interim Housing
2El Puente
5Turning Point
6The Village
Permanent Supportive Housing (19)
1Annenberg Access Center
2Mollie Lowery and Frank Rice Center
5Downtown Wellness Center

Kensington Campus

Lancaster, CA

Kensington Campus is the largest fully integrated community of its kind in the Antelope Valley. At full occupancy, the therapeutic community offers 156 interim housing beds and 150 permanent supportive housing apartments. The first 149 residents have moved into homes of their very own and we recently welcomed over 140 program participants to interim housing! This campus is a critical resource for our most vulnerable neighbors as they rebuild their lives and find stability.

Campus Highlights

150 residents will be permanently housed upon completion.

156 interim housing participants will find stability and begin rebuilding their lives.

Project was initiated by the City of Lancaster who generously provided 14 acres of land to develop Kensington Campus.

Wrap-around services will be available on-site. A medical facility will be added at a future date to provide participants with a holistic experience.

Robust wellness programming, including access to arts, music and skills-building workshops, will be available on-site.

92% of people we place in permanent supportive housing remain housed indefinitely.

In addition to housing, The People Concern is bringing our full suite of comprehensive services to Kensington—from case management and wellness programs to medical and mental health care and more.

To learn more about permanent supportive housing at Kensington, including the referral process, please call 661-270-8460.


The People Concern and FlyawayHomes have created a strategic partnership to launch and scale an innovative, fully-integrated, sustainable solution to ending homelessness. Their partnership leverages over 55 years of experience of The People Concern and the pioneering development model for building permanent housing recently introduced to the market by FlyawayHomes. Together, they are developing and testing a new strategy to replace the expensive and slow development process which severely constrains Los Angeles’ ability to permanently house its chronically homeless neighbors, while building on proven best practices for housing people and providing the essential supportive services they need to remain housed, healthy and safe.

Current vs Flyaway Model