Meet Calvert! After he was laid off and his girlfriend passed away, Calvert became depressed and ultimately lost his housing. He experienced homelessness on and off for 13 years, before connecting with The People Concern.  

Life on the streets was tough, but then I met Sean, a Case Manager on The People Concern’s E6 Outreach Team. Together, we made a plan to get me to a better place. We shared a common goal to find me a home, and now I have one. Home is my life. My heart. My Soul.

The People Concern is on a mission to ensure all of our neighbors can be housed, healthy and safe – like Calvert! Join us in providing access to critical resources and supportive services for our most vulnerable neighbors. 


In-kind or non-monetary contributions are products or services that you can donate to The People Concern. We’re committed to treating all program participants with respect and dignity, so we kindly ask that all donations be clean and in good condition. Click HERE for donation criteria and a list of the most in-demand items.  

Beginning in January 2023, appointments are required for all donation drop offs. To schedule your donation or for more information about in-kind contributions, please reach out to our procurement department by emailing demetrionna.smith@thepeopleconcern.org or calling 323-334-9000.  

Hygiene Kit


Hygiene kits help us satisfy the basic needs for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Outreach teams distribute kits to people they meet in the field, helping to build trusting relationships with individuals and ultimately connect them to services.  

Hygiene kits consist of travel-sized toiletries packed into Ziploc bags. To purchase items in bulk, please click HERE. 

Shop & Support

Your everyday shopping can add up to make a big difference!

Through Shop & Support, participating merchants return a portion of each purchase you make, up to 20%. There are no costs to you or us— just shop with your linked credit or debit card as you normally would. Donations will be automatically sent to us on your behalf. Linking your cards is secure via standard bank encryption and your cards will never be charged or stored.

Here's How It Works
  1. Visit shopandsupport.org and choose The People Concern as your charity.
  2. Shop with participating merchants, in-store or online.
  3. Merchants give back up to 20% of your purchase.