The People Concern is thrilled to partner with actress, producer and filmmaker Bel Delia and actress, writer and producer Annalea Fiachi on From Bottom To Top (FBTT), an 8-episode ‘bite size’ documentary series that shares words of wisdom straight from the heart of Skid Row. Artists from The People Concern’s Studio 526 program sat down with celebrity interviewers to discuss their shared artistic passions. View the entire series below! 

The People Concern’s Studio 526 is a community of arts living in and around the Skid Row community. Studio 526 is rooted in the understanding that equitable access to arts and cultural spaces is essential for all people and communities, and is a fundamental human right. The studio is open to everyone. Our focus is to increase access to community arts spaces for people who are experiencing homelessness or extremely low-income poverty. We are also committed to being a safe space for people who are living with mental illness. The studio encourages long-term participation as artists develop their individual voices, display their artwork, inspire each other, build community together and make creativity a continuous, restorative part of their lives.

To show your support for Studio 526 and our artists, please visit our Amazon Wishlist to purchase much-needed art supplies for our program participants.

FBTT Episode 1 –  Comedian and Actress Amy Anderson sits down with Actress and Singer Christian C. from Studio 526 and has a lively chat about the arts, their passions and motherhood.

FBTT Episode 2 – Studio 526 Artist Antonio Holguin talks about inspiration from his fellow creators, as Soul Singer Ellis Hall Jr. shares his wisdom on preserving in his life and career.

FBTT Episode 3 – Actress Amy Reed and Studio 526 Artist share their passions for supporting and inspiring others on Skid Row and in education.

FBTT Episode 4 – Actress and Director Emma Bell and the late Musician Franc Foster have a candid discussion about the hardships and the rights in life while growing up and becoming a creative artist.

FBTT Episode 5 – Studio 526 Artist Garrison A. and Dancer Essence Florie give heartfelt and practical advice while discussing what’s the most important thing about anything you create.

FBTT Episode 6 – Studio 526 Artist Linda Leight and Actress Jaime Slatter share with each other about their personal beliefs on finding out what’s truly important in life.

FBTT Episode 7 – Folk Punk Singer and Songwriter Sunny War and Studio 526 Musician DJ Sir Oliver have an honest talk about the realities of the life and journey of being musicians.

FBTT Episode 8 – Director Mike Mendez sits down with Filmmaker and Studio 526 Artist Vicki Maturo to talk about different expressions of art, from horror films to politics.