Domestic Violence Services

Serving Adult and Child Victims of Domestic Violence 

If you need immediate assistance, please dial (310) 264-6644.

In 1977, Sojourn opened a shelter for victims of domestic violence (the second such shelter in Southern California), and remains to this day the premiere provider on the west side of Los Angeles County. In 1995, Sojourn founded (and continues to administer) the Westside Anti-Violence Authority (formerly Westside Domestic Violence Network), a consortium approach to the problem of domestic violence. Sojourn staff partner with the Family Violence Prevention Program of Kaiser Permanente, the largest health care provider in the state, and are members of UCLA Emergency Medicine Center’s multidisciplinary team. In addition, staff are members of the Los Angeles City Domestic Violence Task Force, the Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Council, and the California Partnership To End Domestic Violence. Those in need of services find Sojourn through an elaborate referral system consisting of multiple local hotlines, the Los Angeles County 800 number, and the National Domestic Violence hotline.

The services provided through Sojourn are as follows:

24-Hour Hotline [310.264.6644]. 
Crisis intervention, peer counseling, advocacy, referrals, and assistance to shelter.  Safety arrangements for pets.  Collect calls accepted. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is the entry point to all of Sojourn’s services.
Housing and support in secure locations.  Residents receive peer and clinical counseling, horticultural therapy, legal and social services assistance, transitional housing assistance, and advocacy designed to help clients achieve financial self-sufficiency and stability. 
Children's Program. 
Empowerment playgroups, clinical art/play therapy, assistance with school enrollment, tutoring, and non-violent parenting skills workshops.
Court Advocacy and Legal Assistance. 
Pro-bono weekly clinic for victims. Volunteer attorneys answer basic legal questions regarding divorce, child custody and visitation, property, and landlord/tenant issues.  Assistance with restraining orders.  Referrals.
Support Groups.
 Various days/times, drop-in basis. Simultaneous empowerment play groups for children. 
Outreach and Prevention Programs.
 Training, technical assistance, and awareness programs for the community.  Assistance to underserved victims.   Educational presentations on dating violence, healthy relationships, and non-violent negotiation skills to children, teenagers, and youth. TELA (Teen Education in Liberation Arts), interactive activist workshops for school youth.  BRO (Brothers Respecting Others) and Mentor, deconstruct gender norms and engage men and boys in a brotherhood of shared power and healthy masculinity. 
Toolkit 101: Knowledge=Power.
 For survivors only, classes on DV dynamics, parenting, and healthy boundaries. Satisfies court and DCFS requirements for “domestic violence classes.”
 The program consists of group work designed to confront and challenge traditional gender roles and attitudes that lead to violence and to connect men with their full human potential. Through bonding and healing exercises and work on self-improvement and self-compassion, the members of Mentor will support one another to develop the skills necessary to set and achieve goals, eschew violence, and to enrich their life experience, with the hope of achieving contentment and happiness and maintaining sobriety, employment, and housing.

Each facet of Sojourn is another avenue through which we can address the issue of violence in our society—and another opportunity through which we can stop destructive cycles. 

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