Dear Neighbor Mural on the 10

What is the Dear Neighbor mural on the 10 freeway?
Dear Neighbor is a project based in the belief that housing is a human right. We understand that despite their numbers, our homeless neighbors are all but invisible.  We also believe that Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) is crucial to housing every Angeleno, that homeowners' fears about the homeless are based on stereotype and misinformation, and that empathy and fact-based research are crucial to changing hearts and minds.
Dear Neighbor is a partnership with our homeless neighbors to address this crisis. Together, we’ve created messages and letters addressed to fellow Angelenos about the importance of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) - the solution to ending homelessness in our city.
Who is The People Concern?
The People Concern is striving to house 20,000 people currently experiencing homelessnes by 2028, with our strategic housing partner FlyawayHomes.

The People Concern is one of Los Angeles County’s largest nonprofit social service agencies. We strive to end homelessness by providing care and support for those experiencing it, through outreach, housing, mental and medical health care, substance abuse services, domestic violence services, life skills & wellness programs, and income assistance.  
Since 1963, we have been the leaders in our field. From outreach teams to clinicians, we now have a growing team of almost 500 experts dedicated to ending homelessness and empowering people to rebuild their lives. 92% of the people placed into housing with The People Concern’s core services are never homeless again! 
We have outreach teams across Los Angeles County. We provide shelter at six different interim housing sites, where our clients reside while they are looking for permanent housing solutions. We are the service provider at dozens of supportive housing sites, providing services to our now formerly homeless clients who have moved into their own homes for good. 
Our staff, volunteers, and those we serve all work together to address the effects of homelessness, poverty, mental and physical illness, abuse and addiction. We also work to educate the broader community about these issues and improve public policy. The People Concern is a family – one dedicated to a community where everyone, regardless of the struggles they are overcoming, is housed, healthy and safe. 

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