*A beautiful letter of gratitude sent by one of our program participants. 

Dear The People Concern,

As an enthusiastic client of The People Concern’s Skid Row Public Toilets, Showers and Laundry Program located at 526 South San Pedro Street in Los Angeles, I would like to thank you and the great staff which worked so very hard throughout the year to ensure that the health and hygiene challenges of Skid Row and COVID-19 were handled very professionally, promptly and in a courteous fashion.

Hygiene facilities such as these make it possible for people to maintain their health on a regular and frequent basis in a clean, secure and welcoming environment. Encouraging the overall improvement of hygiene and sanitation in areas such as Skid Row helped tremendously to curb and curtail infections during the pandemic.

The People Concern and the excellent employees who work for The People Concern should be commended for “slugging it out” in the trenches everyday, and I know that many people are extremely thankful for the wonderful services that you provide each and every day to the residents of Skid Row.

Thank You again for providing great hygiene facilities and encouraging the advancement of good health and hygiene throughout the year. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!