In March, amidst the warm spring breeze, several children and their parents came together in the yard of the Ray Grutzmacher Family Community site to celebrate the much-awaited opening of their brand-new community garden. As the children dug their hands into each one of the six garden beds, they laughed, already envisioning the delicious meals they would be able to make with their fresh produce. The People Concern’s innovative approach to supporting formerly unhoused families is really making a difference here, fostering community bonds. 

The success of the garden was no surprise to the agency since a similar community garden (this one with twelve garden beds) had been created at the Steaven K. Jones Supportive Community. This community provides not only affordable housing but also access to comprehensive supportive services, allowing residents to address the underlying causes of their homelessness and rebuild their lives. 

These communities are part of a collaboration between The People Concern and FlyAway Homes —and we are just getting started. In addition to these communities in South Los Angeles, FlyAway Homes and The People Concern are working on developing more affordable housing solutions, including two new developments in collaboration with Holos Communities. These sister locations, aptly named Safe Harbor I & II, will house 88 residents. Safe Harbor I, located on Anaheim Street, will have 50 units, while Safe Harbor II, situated in Lagoon Avenue, will have an additional 40 units. Through their collaboration, FlyAway Homes and The People Concern have proven that affordable housing paired with a robust array of supportive services is a viable solution to homelessness and the affordable housing crisis in Los Angeles. By continuing to work together and leveraging our respective strengths, we can help to build a more just and equitable society for all.