Arts Program

The People Concern’s Arts Program encompasses Studio 526, our Skid Row music studio, Daybreak Designs, westside and Kensington art programs. Our Arts Program plays a central role in the recovery and stability of many of its participants. Mental health professionals widely recognize that artistic expression can enhance the well-being of men and women living with mental illness while also serving as a bridge to other clinical and supportive services. Creative self-expression is a core component of an individual’s social health.

If you would like to participate in the music and art studio, you must first attend an orientation. Orientations are held throughout the month at Studio 526.


Studio 526

Located at the Village – one of The People Concern’s interim housing sites in Skid Row – Studio 526 is open to everyone. Our focus is on increasing accessibility to community arts spaces for people who are experiencing homelessness or have extremely low incomes, and a commitment to being a safe space for people who are living with mental illness. The studio encourages long-term participation as artists develop their individual voices, display their artwork, inspire each other, build community together and make creativity a continuous, restorative part of their lives.

Music Studio

Housed in the Village – one of The People Concern’s interim housing sites in Skid Row – the music studio provides a safe space for community members to create music, spoken word poetry, and other audio art. A variety of instruments are available including guitars, a piano, a drumset, DJ equipment, and more. Program participants also have the opportunity to record themselves and their art, giving them an opportunity to share their craft throughout the community.

Studio space can be costly and hard to find; many of our program participants live in shared spaces, limiting their ability to create music. Offering our music studio at no cost to all community members creates an equitable and low-barrier space for all to have the opportunity to create.

Westside Art Studio

The westside art studio invites program participants at our Cloverfield Services Center to explore their creativity in a safe-space. Artists utilize a variety of mediums to design and produce their artwork. Modeled after Studio 526, The People Concern’s primary art studio in Skid Row, the westside art studio creates an accessible community art space and encourages participants’ growth.

The westside art studio is currently open Monday and Wednesdays to program participants currently receiving services at our Cloverfield Services Center.

Daybreak Designs

Daybreak Designs, a creative goods microbusiness run by Cloverfield Services Center program participants, offers jewelry and hand-made goods for sale. Lead by volunteers, Daybreak Designs empowers women to design, create, and perfect their own craft, while acquiring valuable business skills.

Daybreak Designs is currently on pause.

Meet our staff!

Alice Corona
Arts Program Manager

Alice Corona passionately believes that access to art and creative spaces is a fundamental human right. She views art as inherently healing and advocates for more opportunities for people to experience its transformative power. She emphasizes, “If we want people to be healthy, we must provide healing experiences. Art is inherently healing, but people won’t engage if there are too many hoops to jump through. We need to meet individuals where they are, recognizing that this is their journey, and follow their lead, acknowledging them as the experts on their own needs.”

Join Alice in harnessing art for change, shaping a more equitable and empathetic society, one creation at a time.


Christine Manley Martinez
Arts Program Specialist

Christine Manley Martinez is a California-born artist whose journey weaves a tapestry from the sunny landscapes of her youth in Ecuador to the vibrant arts scene of Los Angeles. Embracing a diverse range of artistic modalities, Christine is fervently committed to leveraging the arts for non-traditional purposes, with a specific focus on individual healing and social change. 

Christine extends her passion for the arts to underserved communities; she continues to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those facing adversity.

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