We are proud to announce the official names of our two newest interim housing facilities – Mollie Maison and The Layover!

Both The Layover and Mollie Maison were recently acquired as part of Project Homekey
(PHK), the second stage in the state-wide effort, Project Roomkey (PRK), to move medically vulnerable people experiencing homelessness into hotels and motels during the coronavirus pandemic. PHK seeks to permanently house every individual who was moved indoors as part of the PRK effort while continuing to provide complete wraparound services. Every program participant receives case management, medical and mental health care, substance abuse services, income assistance and more.

At full capacity, The Layover, located near LAX, and Mollie Maison, located in the West Adams neighborhood, will provide 66-units of interim housing before being converted into permanent supportive housing.

Congratulations to our dedicated staff for selecting such wonderful names – Mollie Maison, named after Mollie Lowery who served on the Board of Directors for OPCC and founded LAMP, which would later merge to form The People Concern; and The Layover, symbolic of the transition our program participants experience when they move off of the streets and into interim housing.