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Policy We Support

Enacted 2022 California Legislation

AB 15

SB 679 will create the L.A. County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency: a single affordable housing solutions agency with the ability to raise its own public and private revenue to fund systemic solutions to the countywide affordable housing crisis, including 100% affordable housing and renter protection programs.

AB 15 (1)

SB 914 will reduce gender bias and disparities in outcomes in California’s response to homelessness by embedding a focus on domestic violence survivors and other vulnerable populations into local homelessness plans.

SB 975

SB 975 will protect certain vulnerable populations, such as survivors of domestic violence or elder abuse, and foster youth, from debt collection for debts that were taken out in their names through coercion or fraud.

SB 1017

SB 1017 will support housing protections for survivors of violence by closing loopholes that prevent survivors from accessing eviction relief.

AB 2169

AB 2169 will clarify certain criminal conviction vacature classifications for survivors of domestic violence to ensure that immigrant survivors with vacated records cannot be deported.

AB 15 (1)

AB 2791 will require levying officers, such as sheriffs and marshals, who serve process and orders, to receive documents for service by fax or other electronic means, regardless of whether the request contains an original “wet” signature, and without substantive review of a valid court order.

Additional impactful legislation impacting housing, homelessness, and domestic violence tracked by other organizations:

Explore these Resources and stay informed

Read California Housing Partnership’s 2022 Affordable Housing Needs Report for Los Angeles County with local policy recommendations.

Keep track of Measure J progress, sign up for the mailing list and use your voice to advocate for reform that dismantles racism in L.A.

Take a closer look at the L.A. Equity Index to understand how critical factors like socioeconomic opportunities, environment, education and access to resources contribute to challenges facing Angelenos.

Review LAHSA’s 2022 Homeless Count Results.

 Learn who your local, state, and federal elected officials are to advocate for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Become an expert on supportive and bridge housing. When you hear misconceptions about homelessness, let people know why supportive housing saves lives and makes our community stronger.

Familiarize yourself with the models and philosophies that guide the work of the most effective service providers including Housing First, Harm Reduction and Trauma-Informed Care.

Learn about the current status of affordable rental housing in the U.S. and how the shortage contributes to LA’s homelessness crisis.

Read about our partnership with FlyawayHomes and our plan that will end homelessness in Los Angeles, Vision 2028.

Check out California’s Housing Future: Challenges and Opportunities report published by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Click around the National Alliance to End Homelessness’ website. They cover everything you need to know to understand the current crisis and the policy changes that would end it.