The People Concern works to educate the broader community and improve public policy. We know the effective public policy is essential for developing sustainable solutions that have a lasting positive impact on our unhoused neighbors and our communities. YOU can influence political change by making your voice heard!

Here are a few ways you can get involved today!

1. Visit The People Concern’s advocacy website to learn more about advocacy opportunities and the steps you can take to make a difference in your community.

2. Become a social media advocate! Let your city officials know that you support more services and housing! Use #housedhealthysafe in your posts. Find your city councilmember here.

3. Let L.A. City Council and L.A. County Board of Supervisors know you want real solutions by signing Everyone In’s petition.

4. Volunteer with The People Concern.

Policy We Support

AB 15

AB 15 will extend the timeline for the protections of AB 3088, preventing people from being evicted due to the financial impact of the pandemic and increasing the punishment for landlords who might try to evict by illegal means.

AB 71

AB 71 will raise up to $2.4 billion annually for homeless programs, creating ongoing state funding sources for long-term solutions. Will increase tax rates on multinational corporations worth more than $5 million, from 8.84% (a rate from 1986) to at least 9.6%.

AB 15

SB 679 would create the L.A. County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency: a single affordable housing solutions agency in Los Angeles County with the ability to raise its own public and private revenue to fund systemic solutions to the countywide affordable housing crisis, including 100% affordable housing and renter protection programs.

AB 1487
AB 1487 helps ensure that renters have somewhere to turn if they fear losing their homes by creating a statewide fund for eviction prevention and defense programs. AB 1487 will make sure that the rights for renters in the law translate to real, on the ground protections that help to stabilize our communities and economy and boost our recovery.
AB 15 (1)

Measure J will dedicated at least 10% of LA County’s locally generated unrestricted funding to address the disproportionate impact of racial injustice through community investments such as youth development, job training, small business development, supportive housing services and alternatives to incarceration.

Explore these Resources and stay informed

Read California Housing Partnership’s 2021 Affordable Housing Needs Reports with Local Policy Recommendations for Southern California.

Keep track of Measure J progress, sign up for the mailing list and use your voice to advocate for reform that dismantles racism in L.A.

Take a closer look at the L.A. Equity Index to understand how critical factors like socioeconomic opportunities, environment, education and access to resources contribute to challenges facing Angelenos.

Review LAHSA’s 2020 Homeless Count Results.

Contact your local representatives to advocate for our most vulnerable neighbors. 

Become an expert on supportive and bridge housing. When you hear misconceptions about homelessness, let people know why supportive housing saves lives and makes our community stronger.

Familiarize yourself with the models and philosophies that guide the work of the most effective service providers including Housing First, Harm Reduction and Trauma-Informed Care.

Learn about the current status of affordable rental housing in the U.S. and how the shortage contributes to LA’s homelessness crisis.

Read about our partnership with FlyawayHomes and our plan that will end homelessness in Los Angeles, Vision 2028.

Check out California’s Housing Future: Challenges and Opportunities report published by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Click around the National Alliance to End Homelessness’ website. They cover everything you need to know to understand the current crisis and the policy changes that would end it.

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