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Policy We Support

2023 California Legislation

See below for the status of bills introduced in the 2023-2024 legislative session in the state of California which we supported. Bills designated as two-year bills may have the opportunity to be considered in 2024. 

Status as of October 2023. 

AB 15

Inactive (held in Assembly Appropriations)

AB 312 establishes the State Partnership for Affordable Housing Registries in California (SPAHRC) grant program with the purpose of creating a state-managed online database of affordable housing listings and applications.

AB 15 (1)

Passed Legislature; vetoed by Governor Newsom

AB 464 will reduce administrative barriers for low-income individuals seeking employment, housing, healthcare, and more by exempting individuals, based on their income, or qualification for certain public assistance, from having to pay fees otherwise required for copies of vital records or for California State Driver’s License renewals.


Two-year bill

AB 653 creates a program to provide housing search assistance, landlord incentives, and deposit resources to help tenants with vouchers find and secure apartments in low poverty neighborhoods, and to require housing authorities that have low lease-up rates to apply evidence-based tools to increase utilization.


Two-year bill

AB 745 provides competitive grants to counties, homeless Continuums of Care, and community-based nonprofits to fund housing and reentry services and workforce development for people recently released from incarceration who are experiencing or at risk of falling into homelessness.



AB 799 requires the State to take a more direct leadership role in working with local jurisdictions collaboratively to set homeless reduction targets; sets consequences for failing to meet goals; streamlines administrative burdens on local systems while ensuring that more detailed information is made public to improve transparency and oversight; and requires investments in balanced homeless response systems that promote equitable housing outcomes while maintaining flexible eligible uses. 


Two-year bill

The California Nonprofit Fairness in Contracting Act proposes that state contracts with nonprofit partners cover the full costs of doing business – including administrative costs, fair wages and benefits – and encourages multi-year partnerships or expedited renewals with nonprofits that are meeting performance objectives.


Passed Legislature; vetoed by Governor Newsom

AB 1215 re-establishes the Pet Assistance With Support (PAWS) Program to award grants to homeless and domestic violence shelters, for food and veterinarian services for pets owned by people experiencing homelessness or escaping domestic violence.  


Two-year bill

AB 1738 establishes the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Mobile Homeless Connect Pilot Program to assist people experiencing homelessness, in specified areas, with obtaining State identification cards.


Signed into law!

SB 4 provides a streamlined process for religious organizations and nonprofit colleges to develop affordable housing on their property regardless of local zoning restrictions. 


Two-year bill

SB 37 provides targeted housing subsidies to older adults and adults with disabilities who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness


Signed into law!

SB 267 would allow a tenant with a housing voucher to submit alternative evidence showing their ability to pay their portion of the rent in lieu of a credit report

Additional bills The People Concern supports:

  • AB 373 (Gipson): Intersession programs: foster children and homeless youth: priority access – Signed into law!
  • AB 590 (Hart): State-funded assistance grants and contracts: advance payments. – Signed into law!
  • AB 785 (Santiago): California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: City of Los Angeles: affordable housing and transitional housing. – Signed into law!
  • AB 1085 (Maienschein): Medi-Cal: housing support services – Passed Legislature; vetoed by Governor Newsom
  • AB 1386 (Gabriel): Veterans housing: tenant referrals – Signed into law!
  • AB 1607 (Carillo): Los Angeles County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency – Signed into law!
  • AB 1679 (Santiago): LA County Transactions & Use Tax – Signed into law!
  • AB 1734 (Jones-Sawyer): Local government: surplus land: exempt surplus land – Signed into law!
  • SB 225 (Caballero): Community Anti-Displacement and Preservation Program: statewide contract – Held in Senate Appropriations
  • SB 290 (Min): Domestic violence documentation: victim access – Signed into law!
  • SB 662 (Rubio): Court Reporters –Two-year bill

Additional impactful legislation impacting housing, homelessness, and domestic violence tracked by other organizations:

See here for 2022 legislation we supported that was signed into law! 

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