Earlier this year thousands of volunteers walked the streets of LA to conduct the annual Los Angeles County’s Point-in-Time Homeless Count. Volunteers across the county walked every census tract to physically count the number of people they saw who were experiencing homelessness. The results from the count help to inform local policies and strategies to end homelessness in LA, as well as contribute to the state and national understanding of homelessness.

“Although we are not surprised by the Homeless Count results, we are deeply disappointed to see an upward tick in Angelenos experiencing homelessness,” says The People Concern CEO John Maceri. While the results of the count show a 12.7% increase in homelessness for LA County, they also show that housing placements have more than doubled since Measure H was put into effect. 22,769 people were placed into housing this includes Rapid Rehousing (28%), Supportive Housing (23%), and other forms of Permanent Housing (49%). The City of LA’s A Bridge Home Program also increased the sheltered population by 39%.

Throughout LA County we are housing and sheltering more people than ever, yet the numbers of people falling into homelessness continue to grow. “We need systemic change to reduce the inflow of people who are becoming homeless. We also need to expand our housing resources, while filtering everything through an equity lens. We know that the solution to ending homelessness is housing paired with individually tailored supportive services,” says John.

View LAHSA’s full homeless count presentation here.

Read The People Concern’s CEO John Maceri’s full statement regarding the 2020 homeless count results and what this means for LA County’s homeless population, service providers, and community members.